The products are freshly baked. They can be kept at room temperature for 3 days & another 3 days in the fridge.
Do the products need to be refrigerated?
All the products can be made eggless if needed.
Are all the products with eggs?
The brownies go very well with ice creams & hot chocolate sauce.
What can the Brownies be served with?
Yes, but if a dietary requirement is needed, we can customize it gluten-free.
Do all the products have gluten?
You can use them up in a delicious brownie shake.
What do I do with leftover brownies?
Yes, if required, we can swap it with organic jaggery or coconut sugar.
Do you make sugar-free brownies?
All the products are being made without any preservatives and are baked fresh as per order.
Why do the products have a short shelf life?
Since all the products are baked fresh as per order, 2 days pre-order would be ideal for bulk orders. For other orders, 1 day prior will be fine.
For bulk orders, how many days in advance should an order be placed?
Yes, we do customize accordingly to our client's needs & budgets.
Do you customize?